YLI News

Elly Sienkiewicz Embellishment Kits Available
Heavier #30 Variegated Silk Filament Thread to commemorate Elly’s Baltimore Daughters quilt exhibit. Kits are available with the 5 variegated only or with the 5 variegated plus 2 Silk Sparkle.

100% Organic Cotton Quilting Thread
New this year! USDA Certified Organic cotton quilting thread made from extra fine Egyptian cotton. 35 colors available. 300 meter spools.

Variegated Hand Quilting Thread
The best hand quilting thread anywhere, 100% Egyptian Long Staple cotton glazed for strength and a smooth texture. 14 variegated colors.


Silk #100 is now available in seven variegated colors. Silk now combines with metallic in Silk Sparkle.